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Our Elastomer additive


SBS & Bitumen based additive
Improve the elasticity of road layers and work in the same way as
Polymer modified Bitumen (PmB)


Using RWelast®E has many attractive features compared with a traditional PmB :

  • Same mixing time as classic PmB
  • Faster and adapted supply : RWelast®E is quick to produce and is delivered in a solid form; the quantity is adapted according to your needs (small or big construction sites).
  • No silo storage : RWelast®E is very easy to store and transport and contractors can use it whenever and wherever needed.
  • Compatible with all types of bitumen



  • Direct introduction into the pugmill of the asphalt mixing plant.
  • Very easy to dose according to performance requirements.



RWelast®E not only avoids using a binder plant, it also enhances the performance of the final product.

  • Better SBS dispersion with a precise percentage of SBS guaranteed in final asphalt mixes
  • Better resistance to mechanical and thermal stresses
  • Better durability of skid resistance
  • Better cohesion of particles

The combination of these factors – improved cohesion and long lasting surface characteristics, meet the demands of final users’ comfort and safety.

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