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ROADWAY SOLUTIONS offers two ranges of products : additives (elastomer and plastomer) and bitumen colorants.

Elastomer and plastomer based additives in granule form are directly incorporated into asphalt mixes providing higher performance and better logistics solutions.


SBS&Bitumen-based additive
Improve the elasticity of road layers,
as Polymer modified Bitumen (PmB)
Avoid the use of binder plant

Performances required :

  • Rutting resistance
  • Thermal cracking resistance
  • Fatigue resistance
  • Durability of skid resistance and surface characteristics
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Polyolefins-based additives
Improve the rigidity of road layers.

Performances required :

  • Rutting resistance
  • Stiffness
  • Cohesivity
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Bitumen colors
For technical, security and esthetical aspects
  • Security : better visibility (tunnels), better marking of delimited zones (cycling, walkways, etc…)
  • Esthetical aspect : surface blend into the landscape
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Polyolefin based additives (type BBAK)
Increase the resistance to hydrocarbons (kerosene, gasoline, gas oil)

Performances required :

  • Resistance to hydrocarbons
  • Increases rutting resistance
  • Increases the road pavement lifetime
  • Reduces maintenance operations
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Pellet for warm mix asphalt

Performances required :

  • Enables to reduce the asphalt mix production temperature
  • Reduces the viscosity of the bitumen
  • Compaction of asphalt mix is made easier under cold temperature conditions.
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