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Our Company

ROADWAY SOLUTIONS is a French company created to develop innovative products for pavements worldwide. We have many years industrial experience. The products we develop are targeted towards both achieving higher performance and making them easier for contractors to use.

We are at the cutting edge of technology thanks to our partnership with Eiffage Infrastructures, one of the biggest French groups in road pavement and structural engineering activities. Eiffage Infrastructures has confidence in our expertise and works with us in the development of our products.



Products and quality

Our priority is to achieve the highest standards of quality.

Our customers benefit from our expertise. Thanks to being equipped with the latest state of the art laboratory, we are able to carry out multiple technical tests. In addition we also have access to a specialized laboratory to conduct studies and specific tests on mixtures.

Attentive and efficient service
We offer our customers a personal and expert approach, ensuring confidence in the products we manufacture. We believe that service is paramount and our committed and well trained staff respond promptly with advice specially adapted to customers’ needs.

“Benefit from our expertise, with an efficient and attentive service.”



We understand that it is vital to have a sustainable development strategy and therefore we constantly strive to improve our products, helping our customers to make energy and emission reductions.

Products for sustainable road pavements
Increasing the performance of road pavements thanks to our additives is one way to improve road sustainability and have a positive impact on the environment.
We guarantee that the formulations and the performance of our products will help to achieve a longer road life span.

Our green solution : our granule
Our products are delivered in granule form and can be added directly to the asphalt mixing plant therefore a binder plant is not necessary. Contractors can use the exact quantity they need and reduce wastage. The products we manufacture are recyclable.

Carbon footprint of the company
As part of our environmental policy, we carry out in-house recycling and waste management. We aim to reduce our carbon footprint in all our activities.

“We have a positive impact on the environment by improving the life span of road pavements
and reducing wastage.”



We work at an international level. Our products are ideally suited for countries with very high or low temperatures. With our global strategy we want to offer a cost-effective solution to our customers worldwide. We already work in Asia, North & South America and the Middle East.

Please contact us for more information about our products and to obtain details of our distributors.

“Wherever in the world you are, you can use our products to improve road pavement performance.”